1. What is Online Fax?

Online Fax is where by you can send or receive your fax anytime anywhere using your computer without a physical fax machine.

2. Can I have my own Fax number?

Yes, your will get your own fax number in the "Phone Line Rental Package".

3. Can I have more than one fax number?

Yes, you can subscribe more than one fax number into an account.

4. Can I receive a fax on more than one email account?

Yes, our system have incoming fax forwarding service, which support forward up to 10 email accounts.

5. Do you charge for the fax that delivery failed?

No, we not charge for the delivery failed but we charge if fax not complete (have person pick-up phone, half way send).

6. What is the package / charge for your service?

We have 3 packages, which suite to customer needs. Please refer to (Pricing/Package).

7. Can I use my existing fax number into your service?

No, you canít because the number is control by TM (Telekom Malaysia).

8. If I cancel the service, can I use back my fax number in another service provider?

No, you canít because the number is control by TM (Telekom Malaysia).

9. How long do you keep our incoming fax document?

Your incoming fax will keep in our server for only 3 months. Our system will auto purge the incoming fax documents which older than 3 months.

10. What is the validity period for the Minutes Credits?

The account will be expired if you didn't top up within 1 year. You can top-up credits (Minimum 1000 Minutes) to reactive your account and bring forward the balance of your Minutes Credits.